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As it is the basic medium of thought, learning and communication, English holds a unique position within the curriculum. English teachers see themselves as uniquely placed to contribute to the intellectual, social, moral and spiritual formation of their pupils. They feel privileged to play a part in the nurturing of critical, imaginative, sensitive and humane individuals who, in their pursuit of truth and value, can help to define and bring about the common good of society.


  • To assist all of our pupils to become more effective users of language so that they can communicate effectively, appropriately and accurately when talking and writing in a range of formal and informal contexts.
  • To foster in pupils, the ability to read with understanding and perception, literary and non-literary texts of increasing complexity and sophistication.
  • To teach pupils to respond critically and imaginatively to what they hear, read and experience across various media platforms and to reflect on how meaning is created.
  • To train pupils’ sensibilities so that they can appreciate good literature from a variety of cultures and traditions and discriminate between what is of value and what is meretricious.
  • To encourage pupils to develop informed opinions which are lucidly expressed and free from prejudice.
  • To enlarge pupils’ imaginative and intellectual experience by a wide-ranging encounter with literature, and to teach them the value of a well-stocked mind.
  • To enable pupils to convey meaning for a range of purposes and audiences in the appropriate style by making them familiar with the following stages of preparation: generation of ideas; planning, drafting and editing for accuracy and relevance.
  • To provide a supportive, stimulating and encouraging environment in which real learning can take place.
  • To make pupils excited about ideas; eager to learn and empowered to achieve.
  • To lead pupils towards a curiosity about the experiences and cultures of others, past and present.
  • To nurture in pupils a love of what is beautiful and to allow them the opportunity to explore what it is to be human.

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