Department Staff
J Huddleston (HOD) Chemistry, Science
E Regan (HOD Physics) Physics, Science
A McMenamin Biology, Science
D Tennyson Chemistry, Science
E McKay Biology
J Brolly Biology, Chemistry, Science
S Lockhart Biology, Physics, Science
S McCann Biology, Science
S Cahoon Senior Science Technician


The aims of the Science department are:

1. To develop an interest in, and enjoyment of, the study of Science.

2. To encourage an attitude of curiosity, scientific enquiry and an open minded yet critically thoughtful attitude to ideas and evidence.

3. To recognise the usefulness and limitations of scientific methods and appreciate their applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life.

4. To develop the abilities to perform appropriate experiments having due regard for safety and to observe, record and interpret scientific phenomena.

5. To provide learning experiences that challenge pupils across the ability range and enable all pupils to achieve success.

6. To stimulate an interest in and care for the environment and to appreciate that the application of Science can be both beneficial and detrimental to the individual, community and the environment.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 pupils follow a programme developed by the Science department and in line with the Revised Curriculum. Pupils have 7x52 minute lessons per fortnight (8 in year 8) and are taught by one teacher in all year groups.

Year 8: States of matter, Cells, Solar System, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures, Forces

Year 9: Staying Alive, Motion, Separating Techniques, Waves, Ecology

Year 10: Light & Sound, Microbes, Electricity, Metals, Forces

Key Stage 4 and 5

There are three options at GCSE: Double Award (Modular), Single Award Science (Modular) or OCN Applied Science. Both the Double Award and Single Award Science courses follow the CCEA specification.

Double Award: Pupils are taught by three teachers (one for each subject) and have 4 x 52 minute periods in each of the three disciplines a fortnight. Pupils sit three papers at the end of year 11 and three at the end of year 12. They also complete a practical skills module throughout the course.

Single Award: Pupils are taught by one teacher and have 8 x 52 minute periods of Science per fortnight. Pupils complete two modules during year 11 and two during year 12, including a practical skills module.

OCN Applied Science: Pupils are taught by one teacher and have 8 x 52 minute periods of Science per fortnight. Three units are completed in across the two years.

At both AS and A-level pupils have 12 x 52 min periods per fortnight. All three subjects are modular, with exams in June. All three subjects follow the CCEA specification at A-level.

Clubs, Trips, Links

Salters’ Festival of Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry Teach Chemistry accredited