Technology & Subsidiary Subjects

Department Staff
Mr P Marrs (HOD) Technology and Design/ Construction
Mr F Scullion Technology and Design/ Construction
Mrs B Berry Technology and Design/ Environmental Technology
Mr A Cosgrove Technology and Design/ Environmental Technology
Mr P McDonnell Technician


The aim of Technology and Design is to provide pupils with the understanding to function effectively in the rapidly changing world. Through the subject pupils will have the opportunity to become more aware of how things are made and how they work. Active involvement in Technology and Design provides opportunity for pupils to think, plan, reason, manufacture and evaluate. We actively develop the pupil’s ability to think and plan in a logical sequence to pursue goals, which can be realistically achieved. The subject brings together and utilises knowledge and skills from other curriculum areas especially in problem solving activities.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we offer our students a wide range of opportunities to work with different materials and processes. The majority of our learning opportunities come in the form of projects where students get the chance to develop their creativity and ability to problem solve. The following is outlines the projects covered in each year:

  • Year 8- Health and Safety, Key Fob Project, Torch Project, Zoo Souvenir Project
  • Year 9- Health and Safety, Graphics, Water Alarm Project, Pull Along Toy Project
  • Year 10- Health and Safety, Astable Project, CAD Project, Passive Speaker Project, Pneumatics

Key Stage 4 and 5

At GCSE and A Level we offer a wide range of subjects that specifically target the needs of our students as well as giving them a sound basis for progression. The current offering is as follows:

  • CCEA GCSE Technology and Design
  • CCEA GCSE Construction and the Built Environment
  • CCEA GCSE Occupational Studies- Technology and Innovation (CAD and Bench Joinery)
  • CCEA GCE Technology and Design
  • CCEA GCE Environmental Technology
  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Construction and the Built Environment

Clubs, Trips, Links

To bring the subject to life and set in a real world context, links with industry and outside agencies are heavily promoted as well as entry to various competitions. E.g. Sentinus Team R&D Education into Industry Scheme with links to Camlin Technologies, First Lego League, Young Innovators Competition, BT Young Scientists Competition, Big Bang, SciFest etc.