Department Staff
Catherine Brown Geography, Agriculture
Maeve Duggan Geography, Agriculture
Dermot Logue Geography, Careers
Niamh Cosgrove Geography (KS3), PE


Geography has a significant role to play in empowering pupils to achieve their potential, and make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives. Geography helps us to view the world in which we live both locally and globally in a holistic way, by exploring the interdependencies of natural, social and economic systems. Through engagement with topical issues teachers will help pupils see the importance of geographical knowledge to their lives now and in the future.

Key Stage 3

Through the use of maps, images and text we explore and develop pupils’ sense of place and belonging, both locally and globally, we study the Geography of Ireland, Europe and Asia. We aim to increase pupil understanding of the natural processes that shape the landscape through the study of rocks, ecosystems, rivers, weather, coasts and plate tectonics. They should recognise how humans interact with, and change the landscape and atmosphere.

Key Stage 4 and 5


We follow the CCEA specification for both KS4 and KS5. Pupils will cover a range of Physical and Human topics such as Rivers, Coasts, Weather, Tectonics, Population, Settlement, Development, Resource Management and Tourism. They will incorporate fieldwork tasks and decision-making opportunities as part of the curriculum.


We follow the CCEA specification for KS4 Agriculture & Land use. There are two modules covering all aspects of livestock husbandry alongside good soil, grass and habitat management.

KS5 Agriculture students undertake Pearson Level 3 Extended Certificate in Agriculture. Pupils will take part in work experience within the land-based sector, complete modules in applied agricultural farming practice, estate skills and safe working practices within the industry.

Clubs, Trips, Links

Speakers from e.g. HSENI

Field Trips to e.g. Glendun River, Magilligan, Balmoral Show