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Welcome to the St Killian’s Home Economics Department!

Our Department provides our pupils with a vast array of opportunities to explore real issues
explicitly linked to real-life contexts. Through these experiences, pupils will develop a wide
range of transferable skills. Home Economics develops our young people by helping them to
explore their health in a practical context, enhance their potential to live a healthy lifestyle
and make responsible choices, not only about their diet and lifestyle, but in everyday
scenarios also. It gives pupils a sense of who they are as social beings, and how they relate
to one another; making them aware of values and lifestyles that are different to their own and
helping them to make reasoned judgements. It increases pupil awareness of their role as
consumers, in an ever changing economy, to help them become discerning and effective
when making decisions in relation to the environment and personal finances.
We are incredibly lucky to have a modern, forward thinking and vibrant department, with staff
who always go the extra mile to ensure that our pupils achieve academic success, as well as
success in extracurricular activities. The Home Economics Department, in the 2020
academic year alone, are incredibly proud to have been awarded the following:

● County Antrim Finalists of the Mount Charles Big School Cook Off
● Regional Winners of the LMC Meat and 4 Schools Competition
● 1st place winner of the Future Chef Competition - North Eastern Heat

Our overall vision of the Home Economics Department is for all pupils to thoroughly enjoy
the wide range of subjects on offer, and gain knowledge, skills and competence that will help
them to improve the quality of their lives as individuals, and as members of a family and
community, in a rapidly changing social and economic environment.

We look forward to welcoming you into the St Killian’s Home Economics Department!

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