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The aim of the History Department at St Killian’s College, is to facilitate all students to reach their full potential. We engender in students an inquisitiveness of the past and encourage students to fully participate in their own learning, gaining not only a knowledge of historical events and their impact on present and future, but also gaining significant transferable skills that can be utilised within the College, and beyond. An understanding of history at local, national and world levels promotes an understanding of students’ own identity and contextualises their experience within a global setting. By engaging with the past, students are better able to ask and answer questions of the present. Our aim is to produce critical thinkers who can challenge the norms and make informed decisions. We use a variety of teaching methodologies to support and encourage all learners ensuring successful outcomes at GCSE and A Level.

Key Stage 3

The Curriculum at KS3 level covers a wide variety of historical events both local and global. Year 8 students investigate the methods used to examine the past and the problems that can arise from issues such as bias. They also study local, and European history. The local study raises awareness of the historical environment they live in as they learn to identify physical features such as Motte and Bailey castles, the origins of place names and the impact of the Norman Invasion. Year 9 students investigate significant events in Europe and their long term repercussions e.g. The Reformation, Voyages of Discovery and Colonisation. Year 10 students focus on a more local study culminating in the Partition of Ireland and World War one. Our aim is to broaden the historical understanding of these students and instil a love of the subject.

Key Stage 4 and 5

Students at KS4 level engage in a two year modular study.

In year 11 students will study Life in Nazi Germany, 1933–45 and Changing Relations: Northern Ireland and its Neighbours,1920–49.

In year 12 GCSE students will complete a study on International Relations, 1945–2003.

AS (year 13) students will study

(i)Germany 1919–45

External written examination 1 hour 30 mins

Students answer a short response question and a two-part source question. This exam is worth 50% of AS 20% of A level

(ii) Russia 1914–41

External written exam 1 hour 30 mins

Students answer two questions from a choice of three. Each question has two parts, a short response and an extended essay. 50% of AS 20% of A level

Students in KS5 level also engage in a 2 year modular study

A2 (year 14) students will study

(i) Ireland Under the Union 1800–1900

External written examination 1 hour 15 minutes

Students answer a synoptic essay question. 20% of A level

(ii)Partition of Ireland 1900–25

External written examination 2 hours 30 mins

Students answer three questions; two are source based and one is an extended essay. 40% of A level

Clubs, Trips, Links

History has been brought to life through trips to famine villages, Auschwitz, the Somme Heritage Centre and Carrickfergus Castle to name a few.