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Welcome to the French department. Our staff work in collaboration to make language learning an enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and successful experience.

Aims of The French Department

  • Encourage and maintain a sense of interest and enjoyment in French
  • Develop their listening skills, both in English and the TL
  • Understand the concepts of grammar and the written language and apply them in their own work, including in extended writing
  • Develop their reading skills for different kinds of text depending on their context and purpose
  • Communicate effectively with others in given situations which are relevant to them personally and their own environment/upbringing
  • Develop their self-confidence as individuals not only to use the language effectively but to apply this confidence in other areas of their learning
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning, and become more independent active learners.
  • Develop a sound foundation of the language, skills and attitudes required for further study, work and leisure.
  • Develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the culture and civilization of France and French speaking countries and regions and to develop a better understanding of one’s own country.
  • To ensure pupils are provided with the opportunities to reach their highest possible standards
  • To employ the use of varied teaching and learning styles to develop a wide range of intellectual and social skills.

French Curriculum

KS3 French

The Modern Language of French will be delivered through schemes and units of work to develop and engage pupils with themes and issues which are relevant to the lives of pupils today, integrating knowledge, understanding and skills to help pupils gain a better understanding of the complexity of how the world around us works. The Key Elements provide opportunities for pupils to reflect on moral, ethical, spiritual, social and cultural dimensions of modern language, relating to real people and real places and to consider their own views and opinions about them as citizens of a global community and equipping them with the skills to make decisions and take responsible actions in preparation for life and work.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4 and 5

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