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The department is proud by its task to help impart, educate and form the students of this College in faith of the Church.

The department understands the enormity of this task and through the professional and personal efforts of its staff and through its commitment to the student it works towards a greater awareness and appreciation of faith, morality and spirituality both within the Catholic tradition and also in the other great world faith traditions, most notably Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Judaism and Islam.

The department understands and aims to promote that the project of Catholic education is the idea and practice of the formation of the whole person in the manner of Christ who is the whole Person. The department understands its role is to integrate the person in sense of Justice and Truth and their history and the world about them with the presence of Christ. Catholic education is about education of the whole person for their personal sanctification and through them the greater sanctification of the world.

Christ is the answer to the question about what makes us different form another school or college. Christ is the answer for Christ is both disciple of the Father and teacher of the nations. We find Truth, Justice and Compassion and a steadfast and urgent desire to help those in need, and in doing so create and partake in a better, more open and tolerant society.

Christ is the foundation of the whole educational enterprise in a Catholic school. His revelation gives new meaning to life and helps man to direct his thought, action and will according to the Gospel, making the beatitudes his norm of life. The fact that in their own individual ways all members of the school community share this Christian vision, makes the school "Catholic"; principles of the Gospel in this manner become the educational norms since the school then has them as its internal motivation and final goal. THE SACRED CONGREGATION FOR CATHOLIC EDUCATION THE CATHOLIC SCHOOL , paragraph 34

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